Red Bull Go Beyond Meeting of Legends

First Sketches & Logo

Go Beyond was an event carried out by Red Bull in which the musketeers were reunited to create the annual business plan. The event was based on the concept of transcendence to a superior state.


The symbology used in activities, accessories and decoration was inspired by the different core values of Red Bull.

The Key Visual

The typography gave birth to the symbolic elements that represent the Red Bull values.

Poster #1

A virtual platform was created in which the participants could film and upload videos with their improvisations. The audience could see the gallery and vote for the local winner in each country. The winners would record an album in Spain and would compete with each other for the title of international champion.

Poster #2

In order to be used in the aesthetic application, we created a vortex designed with abstract forms that simulate being in constant movement.

Website Design


The final Product

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